Cieroski Home Mold Damage Restoration

This home was affected by extensive mold damage when the home sat dormant for an unknown period of time.

Recoveron was called in to perform mold removal services at the property. These services were part of a full services micro-bacterial pre-testing, mold mitigation, and micro-bacterial post-testing package.

First, a certified hygienist came to the property to identify the types of mold present, the extent of the growth, and a plan for mold mitigation. Next, Recoveron provided professional mold removal services including removal and disposal of all affected and non-savable items, demolition of all non-savable surfaces, professional cleaning and mold sealing. All of these services were provided by our expert mitigation and cleaning staff using containment, negative air ducting, and proper PPE. Finally, a certified hygienist returns to the property to test that all micro-bacterial organisms are within an acceptable level.