Contents Cleaning

 Assessment * Pack-Out * Cleaning & Restoration * Pack In

At Recoveron, we understand that the cleaning and restoration of your furniture, clothes, collectibles and other belongings is just as important to you as the restoration of your structure. In each and every case, the contents process begins with an overall assessment of the scope of the damage. The assessment is complete by a Recoveron contents manager, the insurance adjuster and the property owner. Part of this assessment is for all parties to work together at the scene to determine what is salvageable.

Following moving industry "best practices," we initiate the "pack-out" stage, which entails going through the building's contents and removing items from the scene. With inventories that detail every item in every box and tags for oversize items, we start an unbreakable chain of custody, whether an item is slated for repair, cleaning or disposal. This inventory is further supported by digital photos and/or videos.

Cleaning and restoration methods vary widely, depending upon the object and the type of damage incurred. Common to the various methods are the process controls that govern the overall flow of items through our climate-controlled facilities. Whether restored by high-tech ultrasonic cleaning, deodorized by ozone fogging or just carefully cleaned and restored by hand, the items are unpacked, inventoried and repacked or retagged at every stage.

"Pack-in" is the final step of the process when we return the insured's belongings and place every box or item back where we found it, in the newly restored home or business.

Tips:  Contents Do's & Don'ts