We can help you meet OSHA requirements.

Dust collection is an integral part of meeting AIB, GFSI, and OSHA standards. Recoveron Industrial Services can help you achieve those standards through a comprehensive dust collection program.
Though seemingly harmless, dust creates an assortment of dangers: flying particles that can lead to eye injury, slip hazards, ergonomic injuries, and respiratory complications. The most serious hazard surrounding dust accumulation is combustible dust explosions.
The threat of these explosions has led to OSHA’s Combustible Dust National Emphasis Program (NEP). OSHA has demonstrated that they are serious about the enforcement of the current standards. Less than 22% of facilities inspected have complied with OSHA requirements, with “housekeeping” being ranked second in citations under NEP.
Because of OSHA requirements, facilities must make reasonable efforts to mitigate the hazards caused by dust. Most standards recommend at least hand vacuum cleaning, we go one step further by harnessing industrial pneumatic vacuuming as the preferred method of defense due to it’s cost effectiveness and flexibility.
Focus on your core business, and let Recoveron Industrial Services be your first line of defense for dust control!

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