From heavy industrial applications (equipment, walls, floors) to office spaces, you can rely on Recoveron Industrial Services to take care of your needs. We offer skilled execution from the start, surface preparation, to the finish, professional painting and complete clean-up for any size job.

We understand your company cannot stop production for painting and cleaning maintenance. Recoveron will work with you to arrange services around your schedule.

Recoveron Industrial Services has the experience you can trust for all of your painting and protective coating needs!


We start out with a pre-inspection to determine best preparation and painting application. We deploy state-of-the-art cleaning processes including dry ice blasting to prep surfaces. After the surfaces have been prepared for use, we utilize spray, roller, or brush techniques. When containment is necessary, barriers will be put in place. Post inspection is done to determine satisfaction with services performed. Pre and post inspections are documented and can be used as evidence of scheduled painting to auditors.

Safety and Security Training
All project managers and production crew members go through weekly training sessions on safety and proper working procedures. Before starting work at any location, site manager and production staff are required to go through your safety and security procedures. Our employees are required to wear hardhats, steel toe boots, yellow safety vests, and Recoveron ID’s. The safety and security of your facility and employees, as well as our employees, is given high priority.

Lift Certification
This training program is required for all employees who use aerial and/or scissor lift devices to perform various work duties. During training, we discuss the various types of lift devices, pre-start inspections, proper safety equipment, safety procedures, OSHA standards, and fall protection. We ensure that employees are familiar with the lift they are asked to use, and operators must demonstrate that they can properly use the lift.

Recoveron ISN Contractor
Recoveron LLCRC Certified
Recoveron Accredited Business BBB
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