Do you know what happens when the condensation in your attic freezes and thaws?  Especially when you do not have proper ventilation?  The answer is MOLD!  That is exactly what happened to this client who had mold growing on the ceiling!

Mold can grow at an alarming rate and is not affected by cooler temperatures!

If you have standing water or moisture, begin the dry out process immediately to prevent mold!  Call us, we can help!

If mold does develop, CALL US … WE CAN HELP!  By evaluating test results from an independent environmental contractor, we can systematically clean all impacted areas and items.  We use negative air chambers, HEPA vacuuming, fungicidal-resistant protective sealants and dry ice blasting technology, to ensure you are 100% MOLD FREE as quickly as possible!

Find us online at and call us at 800-884-0588 or locally 920-469-3473.

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