Mold Remediation

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Recoveron Restoration Services is a specialist in mold remediation. All pre and post-testing is done by independent environmental contractors. Once lab tests indicate the presence of excessive or toxic levels of mold, we implement the following procedures:

  • Inspection and evaluation
  • Project documentation
  • Seal off all air ducts and vents
  • Set up negative air pressure and containment barriers
  • Removal of personal belongings
  • Removal of all non-salvageable contents
  • Demolition and disposal of non-salvageable structure
  • Cleaning of mold-impacted areas: includes damp wiping non-porous surfaces, sanding and HEPA vacuuming
  • Wood surfaces are cleaned and sealed with a fungicidal-resistant protective sealant
  • Post-testing is done to insure that areas meet pre-established air quality standards
  • Content items are returned after being cleaned


Mold Remediation Steps

Contents Cleaning

Structure Restoration

Dry Ice Blasting

What Can I Do? Mold Prevention Tips.